Bulk SMS

Send sms now from your Computers, tablets, Smart phones for as low as 2NGN or its equivalents price in dollars to all GSM network in Nigeria.
In case you do not know, SMS is the fastest and the most efficient ways to get information to people anywhere in the world with less stress.
Take for instance, you reading this write up, ask yourself, how many unread mail do you have in your e-mail box, maybe ten or even hundred, and those unread mail could remain like that for more than one day or even one month, meaning that the information which was sent to you that needed your immediate response stays in your mail until it become useless.
Now ask your self again, how many unread SMS do you have in your phone and how long can it stay unread?.
If I was to answer that question I will tell you that my unread SMS maybe just one or two,and can stay for seconds or may be minute or probably hours if I was not with my phone for any reason.
If you have analyze the two questions and answers, you will know that SMS is more effective way of getting information to the people who need it and an assurance that information is well received.